Not so aggressive

Swans are known for being aggressive towards their own kind, other birds and also us humans. In fact, one in England, a ‘mute swan’, once bit me in my – ahem – “you know what” area and wouldn’t let go. Ouch!! Glad no one got a photo!!

I have a new scratchboard out of an Australian Black Swan coming right up to the viewer. It certainly looks like the viewer should beat a hasty retreat, but in reality, this was a very inquisitive and tame swan just checking my camera out. In fact, black swans are reputed to be even more agressive than mute swans and escaped ones in England are breeding and ousting mute swans from some areas. This one was on the banks of the River Torrens in Adelaide so at least it was where it should be. It and all the ones around were quite tame.

New Oil Painting Portrait

Gee this oil painting stuff is hard work! Some people seem to make it look so easy but I guess when you are used to pastels and knives (for scratchboards), brushes act like alien implements. They seem to want to go where they choose, not where I choose, but bit by bit I’m getting there. I refuse to be beaten.

This is a girl from Spitzkoppe in Namibia. She was a school girl and part of a group who entertained us with song and dance. I couldn’t resist painting her. I’m not quite finished yet but not too far to go, unless I decide on extra detail but I don’t think I could do that yet – it’s still only my second ever oil painting.

18″ x 18″. Sorry for the glare. I’ll get a better photo when I finish her.