For artwork prices, commissions and other information contact Patrick on


In Australia tel 0414 804 181

International tel +61 414 804 181


17 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I am always awe struck and humbled by your work. Truly amazing. Thank you for allowing me to view it – especially the enteries that explain how you create such beautiful work. I can only hope that someday my work would be as special.

    Keep it up


  2. Patrick, I open your entries on wetcanvas with anticipation and watch for your posts. I am awe struck by your talent. I have become a fan. I also love the fact that you use your art for good. It is what I love about artists and being an artist. My two favorite causes are rescue animals(mostly dogs and cats) and soldiers. I must admit, I do not share your love of snakes but also applaud you for it. It was nice to finally see your website. I enjoyed my journey through it and intend to come back and visit often.
    Keep up the wonderful work,

  3. Dear Pat
    so beautiful paintings , how much passion and talent you have. Thank you for sharing it.
    And thank you for giving me once back in Yorkshire the advice not to put myself down.
    All the best for you and your family

  4. Hi Patrick,

    Your work is awesome. I wonder if you could answer a question for me, can you buy Clairfontaine Pastelmat paper in Australia. My Niece lives in Perth and has just started using pastels and have recommended this paper to her but not sure if she can obtain it. Hope you can help. Am intrigued with how you do a painting on scratchboard, can you give me any tips as I would like to give it a go eg technique, materials etc.

    Many thanks Jill

  5. Wow, what a marvelous inspirational site Patrick. Thank you for sharing your Poet in the stages… I love it!!!!
    I have photos of people I have taken during travel that I want to paint but seeing yours makes me want to try and try to scratch again to see if I can master scratch but then I look at yours and think, it will never be like that *S*
    Thank you so much for sharing your skills. Wishing you great success at getting an international site up and running. I will return again *S*!!!

  6. Patrick; Would you consider starting a thread about using inks, watercolor, etc. on clayboard? As you know, I am a newbie to scratchboard and honestly don’t know where to start.

    Do I color in the whole scene before beginning to scratch? I am anxious to try, and would love some pointers. Other than about a year under Lorelle’s guidance, I am self taught. At 56, I am starting my art career rather late, and any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

  7. re “Australian Artist” March 2011

    you meantion using—-brass brush & fibreglass bristled brush.
    Although I have been doing scratchboard for quite sometime (not as good as you) I have not come across these two tools. Could you please tell me about them and there availlability in NZ.

    Regards Bill Morton

  8. Your work is beautiful! I just tried this medium for the first time and loved it. Would you or could you recommend an artist who would be able to teach a workshop at a Botanical Illustration conference. ASBA (American Society of Botanical Artists) .Has a conference yearly. We recently had one in Boston (USA). Chicago is next and then In Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is every three years. I would love to learn more about this medium.

  9. Hey Patrick, I am hoping you can do me a huge favor,:) I haven’t been able to post to wetcanvas for a week now. I keep e-mailing and asking for help but no reply. I keep getting a notice saying I don’t have permission to post and my membership is in moderators que for activation. Very confusing. Hope you can help me, take care, Nicki

  10. Hello Patrick, I am an artist and one of my themes is snakes. I found your image with Jackson while looking at Zebra snakes.

  11. i am in adelaide and was looking for a source of scratchboards when I came across your blog.Amazing work.Really incredible.You wouldn’t happen to give lesons in scratchboarding over here would you?

  12. Well done on your awards at Cardinia Patrick. They really stood out from the rest. I was totally drawn to them and the beautiful tiny scratches. A master artist for sure.

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