Girl from Botswana and Chimp’s eye

I’ve just returned from my trip to the States and England and before I follow through on my promise to update you all with photos from the scratchboard exhibition in Glen Ellen I thought I’d add a couple of new pieces. At the exhibition we had two days of workshops in Sebastopol and I started the following pieces which I finished in England. The first is of a chimp’s eye and the second is of a girl I saw in Botswana. I thought this girl, while not classically beautiful, had such a striking face which I wanted to portray.

3 thoughts on “Girl from Botswana and Chimp’s eye

  1. It was so great to meet you in Sepastapol. I love your drawings. They have so much feeling and now I can see the person it comes from. Thank you for sharing your talents. Alice

  2. Patrick Buddy…The pleasure of meeting was all mine. It was an EXCELENT time! well…besides being so dang nervous! I was overwhelmed with the ammount of talent in the room. The thought that I was scratching in front of you, Lorna, Diana, Harold, Rod and that other girl….what was her name????? Oh yeah…Cathy 🙂 and ALL the other scratchers there….wow…I should have drank the Captain instead of using it as a prop! Your demos were Fantastic…now if i can just get the same results that you get with your squigglys! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and I look forward to meeting up again in the future. the wife is already looking into Vancouver 🙂 I wish you all the best Buddy…Now get to scratching and selling more of your art!!!! 🙂

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