I have a lovely niece living in England called Georgia. I got to know her a bit on my recent trip there in July and decided to do a portrait of her. She’s a bright and bubbly character and a lot of fun and I’ve tried to convey that in my art. I know she received the portrait in time for her birthday the other day so I can now show it on here without spoiling her surprise.

I also have a couple of artist friends who have gone on to become tattoo artists. Well, I also have, though maybe not in the way you might think. This portrait is almost 100% completed with a tattoo needle. I used a seven stack, which is seven needles soldered together in a row and this creates a nice even texture, perfect for representing skin on the scratchboards I use. I’m including a couple of close-ups to show this texture. The hair was done with my trusty fibreglass brush.

If you click the images they will show up larger. The actual portrait is quite small, 8″ x 10″

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