Meerkat montage

In the past I’ve done my emus, called the “Birdy Bunch”

The Birdy Bunch


and my kangaroos called  the “Kanga Crew”.

The Kanga Crew 2014

Well, now I have my Meerkat Montage which, like the others, is an image made up of nine different scratchboards of meerkats. I’ve really enjoyed creating these as meerkats are such marvellous creatures, and I’ve learnt a lot about how different they are in both personality and looks. First image is how they will look when I’ve framed them and then the individual scratchboards follow.



Meerkat top right 04

Meerkat top middle 04

Meerkat top left 03

Meerkat middle right 04

Meerkat middle middle 05

Meerkat middle left 05

Meerkat bottom right 04

Meerkat bottom middle 05

Meerkat bottom left 04

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