New article by me in Artists’ Palette magazine

Artists’ Palette magazine is an excellent source of inspiration so it’s a great honour to be included in the edition currently in the shops, issue #105. I have sixteen artworks published plus a demonstration of a zebra scratchboard. Also, there are four artworks by my dad in there. He was a huge inspiration to me and, despite losing him when I was thirteen, he showed me the way in life. His art was gorgeous and always represented those African animals that he loved so much. Below are a couple of pages from the magazine article including the page with the four pieces my dad did.

Below is the start of the demo of “Wall of Stripes”

If you go to the menu above, “About Me” and then “Publications”, I will be putting up a montage of the whole article.

Happy New Year to you all 🙂

One thought on “New article by me in Artists’ Palette magazine

  1. I wish everyone had the opportunity to have such a close relationship with their Dad
    s as you were blessed with! Don’t know how you gt everything you do done Patrick. I know others will joiin me in saying how they look forward to your emails and articles. Thank you, Lorelle Bacon

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