Gold Winner at the Wild Awards

I’m a member of that wonderful organisation The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and recently submitted work into their biennial (once every two years) major art exhibition called the “Wild Awards”. I couldn’t get to the opening but have just been informed that I have won the Gold Award, the major award at the show. I’m absolutely delighted as I was at a recent exhibition run by WASA and the standard of work was brilliant. I walked from piece to piece dragging my jaw along the ground, hoping one day to be as good as the other artists involved, so to have won the major show is a dream come true.

This is the piece I won with. It’s a portrait of the late Abu, the alpha male at Jane Goodall Institute Chimp Eden in South Africa. (Thanks to Theresa Strunk for permission to use the original reference photo). It’s a scratchboard coloured with watercolours and I’ve tried to focus on Abu’s powerful nature.

Thanks to Kris Peter for sending me this photo of my work on the wall.

Millie and Bonnie

I had the opportunity recently to photograph these two gorgeous Daschunds for a commission. Unusually, the one who is really good with visitors was quite shy of me and the one that is usually shy was all over me. Maybe one reacted to the camera more than the other. However, with the owners help, I managed to get lots of shots to work from and put together this piece. Bonnie, the one on the right, is actually hiding behind the owner’s leg in the photograph but I put her behind Millie to create a more harmonious image with the two dogs interacting. I’ve used the fibreglass brush on 11″ x 14″ black scratchboard