The Birdy Bunch

I never watched The Brady Bunch but it seems such an institution as far as tv series go so I thought I’d pay homage to it with some wacky characters from my travels. These are all emus who seem very strange birds indeed. They follow you around and look as if they are going to peck your eyes out, and I do believe they’ve done some damage to some people, but never to me. They are a bit rediculous with the looks they give you. I had the opportunity to rub the neck of one that wouldn’t leave me alone and was surprised to find how oily it felt.

Ok, so the first picture is called “The Birdy Bunch” and after that I’m posting an odd one out, “The Screamer”. The reality is it was just yawning, but it sure looks like it has something to yell at me.

“The Birdy Bunch” is a montage of nine individual scratchboards

And now for “The Screamer”

5 thoughts on “The Birdy Bunch

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    • Hi Denise, yes they are scratched out. I simply used steel wool and the fibreglass brush to remove all the black ink. It might have made more sense to start with a white board but I prefer working with black. Cheers

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