Owls and pelicans

People who commission me for artwork of owls and pelicans are people on my wavelength. They are both amazing birds.

I was such a lucky kid when I was in Africa. We had quite a few owls that had been brought to us with broken wings. My dad was good at fixing things like that, despite not being a vet, and we managed to release them once they were well again. The following pictures are of me (the little one) and my brother with a Barn Owl and also me with a Mackinders Eagle Owl

As a result, I love owls and it was a thrill to do the following commission of a Snowy Owl on white scratchboard.

I’ve spent a lot of time photographing pelicans recently and they are the oddest birds. They get into the most awkward (but comfortable for them) shapes and attitudes as can be seen by the following photos.

Here’s a recent scratchboard commission called “Preening”