Grass seeds and dogs don’t mix!!

It’s grass growing season here, which means grass seeds, which means anyone with a long eared, long haired Cocker Spaniel watch out!    So on Sunday (of course – overtime and penalty rates and all that) Bella our cocker is shaking her head madly, and with some type of seeds (the ones around here) which go through a dog’s fur only one way, that means rather than shaking them out of her ear canal she’s actually shaking them further in! She’s yelping and in obvious discomfort. So, no vets open, off to the animal emergency (because infections can do bad things). Less than five minutes and $125 later, we are out.

I mull over pet insurance.

I mull another day and another day.

Then last night, when no vets are open (again of course – overtime and penalty rates and all that), she’s got a seed in her other ear. None of this for 21 months but now two in four days!! Yet again she’s not loving life!!

Off we go back to animal emergency, but now that she’s already been done once she won’t let the vet near enough to do his thing. So she has to be sedated.

Another $360 later I’m mulling over pet insurance again